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Namariq is a Saudi-owned company providing multi industry companies with comprehensive hospitality services such as: Accomodation, Catering, and Laundry for their workforce. We operate in regulated areas and economic zones such as Yanbu Industrial City. We design, build and operate Workers Accomodation with fully equipped Kitchens, laundry and Recreation facilities in a safe and secure environment for the wellbeing of the residency community. Namariq gives you a home away from home, where you feel comfortable in a welcoming environment and a society you consider your own.

Why Namariq Yanbu Residency?

We are committed to providing our clients with the best comprehensive services
to fulfill their needs. We strive to develop our business in consistence
with the fast-paced development of the Kingdoms's economy.

  • Our Services Targetting Not Only Corporations But Also Individuals

  • Well maintained and Operated facilities

  • Because Of Our Proficient Facilities Management Services

  • Full Compliance with Worker accommodation safety and security requirements

  • 24/7 First Aid Clinic

  • Healthy and Nutritious catering services for residents

  • Value Added Services

  • Environment friendly


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Namariq Yanbu is the right choice for quality
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Indoor & Outdoor Recreational Facilities
Residency management
Basic First Aid Clinic
24/7 Security control and monitoring
Laundry Services
Housekeeping & Janitorial
Facilities Operations Maintenance
Waste Management
Catering Services

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