Institutional Quarantine Rules And Regulations

  1. Institutional Quarantine packages are valid for bookings made made through and bookings made with other online platforms, telesales, or with Travel Agents.
  2. Institutional Quarantine Bookings are non-refundable.
  3. Guest must have a valid flight reservation from any authorized airline serving Saudi Arabia.
  4. For Guests booking more than 1 Adult in a room, the following will be strictly observed:
    1. 1 Adult and 1 Child (Parent + Child);  ( could be 2 adults son/daughter  and father/mother
    1. 1 Adult and 2 Children (Parent + Children);
    1. 2 Adults in a Double Room (Husband and Wife); and
    1. 2 Adults and 1 Child in a Double Room (Parents + Child).
  5. Institutional Quarantine packages are inclusive of the following:
    1. Airport to Accommodation Facility Transfer;
    1. Full board (daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner); and
    1. Two (2) RT-PCR Tests.
  6. Institutional Quarantine package rates are inclusive of the Value Added Tax (VAT).
  7. Namariq is not responsible to travel conditions and guidelines as it is subject to frequent changes by the competent government authority without prior notice. It is the Guest responsibility to check the latest information about the travel conditions and guidelines required from the competent government authority before traveling. Guests are responsible in verifying their eligibility for travel by the concerned countries and obtaining any required permits and/or permissions, if needed without any liability on Namariq.
  8. Namariq may request an amount from the guest upon check-in as a Security Deposit. Security Deposit will not exceed the amount of the Standard Daily Rate as stipulated be the prevailing regulations  and will be returned to the Guest in the event that there is no damage to the room upon check-out.
  9. Institutional Quarantine Packages include daily meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Daily meals will be delivered and will be left at the door of the guests’ rooms after a notification is given to the guest. Daily schedule is as follows:
Meal ServiceSchedule
Breakfast5:00 – 7:30
Lunch11:30 – 13:30
Dinner18:00 – 20:00
  1. 1L Bottled Water will be provided daily. This will be included daily during breakfast delivery. (What is the procedure if the gust needs more water during the day. Is it possible to order ?)
  2. Children up to 6 years old are free of charge, by sharing a bed with their parent(s), with no more than 2 children in the double room only. Kids’ age 7 to 12 years old can share the bed with their parent(s) will be charged Insert Amount in Words (SAR 0.00) per one child, per night, and it also includes the full board daily meal service.

The categories according to this paragraph are:

Kids up to 6 years    and kids of 7 years. Suggest the second category be: kids over 6 years to avoid the gap between 6 years and 7 years.

  1. Institutional Quarantine package does not include laundry services for health and safety reasons.
  2. Once checked-in, Guest(s) are not allowed to leave their assigned accommodation or the designated toilet/bathroom facilities for accommodation with common toilet/bathroom. Compliance to the Isolation/Quarantine protocols will be strictly enforced. As per the Ministry of Health (MoH), violations of isolation/quarantine requirements are subject to penalty not exceeding Two Hundred Thousand Saudi Riyals (SAR 200,000.00), or imprisonment for up to 2 years, or both. Repeated violations are subject to doubled penalties.
  3. Compliance with the preventive measures during the isolation/quarantine period and after completion of isolation/quarantine period is a must:
    1. Social distancing and violation of preventive measures are subject to a penalty of One Thousand Saudi Riyals (SAR 1,000.00), including not wearing a facemasks, not maintaining social distancing, refusing temperature screening at entrance to public or private facilities, and not complying with assigned protocols for persons with fever. Penalties are doubled for repeated violations.
    1. Avoid large gatherings and not organizing such gatherings. Violations are subject to a penalty of Ten Thousand Saudi Riyals (SAR 10,000.00). Penalties are doubled for repeated violations.
    1. Observance of habitual hand washing with soap and water and using of hand sanitizer.
    1. All such penalties shall be dealt with according the prevailing regulations passed by the competent Saudi authorities
  4. The Guest is responsible for arranging their own transfer to their respective final destination after the quarantine. Namariq can make this arrangement as well at an additional cost and will be charged separately.
  5. Isolation/Quarantine requirements are subject to change by the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Namariq will comply to any changes that are imposed. In the event of rate change during the booking period, changes will be billed separately upon check-out.