The largest residential complex for employees in KAEC

Namariq Arab Services Co. Ltd. establishes the largest residential complex for employees in KAEC.

King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) has launched the construction and development of the largest residential complex for workers, covering an area of approximately 104 thousand square meters and a capacity of more than 4000 workers.

The value of the investment is 150 million riyals by which the company “Nemar Arab Services Ltd.” implementation of the project in two phases, the first of which ends in 2016, and is expected to contribute to this project to provide an adequate living and living environment for the construction of various development projects within the economic city.

Nemarq Arabia Services Limited is one of the largest national companies specialized in the design, implementation, and operation of advanced residential complexes, and the operation of hotels by standards and standards, In addition to providing services to meet the daily needs of the guests from the processing and delivery of meals, laundry, and ironing, as well as periodic cleaning of rooms and facilities, and also provides specialized manpower.

Mr. Fahd Al Rasheed, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of KAEC, said that the new workers’ housing project is in line with the city’s goals of promoting social and economic development. Stressing that King Abdullah Economic City is determined to fulfill its promise to provide a working environment, housing and entertainment for all residents and workers in the city, And that the new complex will provide a distinctive residential environment for workers that meet all the requirements of modern life.

Nasser Fayez, Chief Executive Officer of Nemarq Arabia Services Ltd., Eng. Hussein Fayez, said: “The great cooperation and facilities provided by King Abdullah Economic City to complete this contract, “We are proud to be selected to contribute to the development of KAEC with a strong commitment to its implementation in line with the highest international standards that are in line with the city’s evolving urban design and implementation of all its projects,