Namariq: Fully-prepped for COVID-19’s second wave

During a press conference, Health Ministry spokesperson Dr. Mohammed Al-Abdulaali announced that the kingdom faces the second wave of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases.
According to the press conference last September 27, although there’s an affirmation about the absence of any viral mutation globally, 403 new confirmed COVID-19 cases have been reported. This makes the total number of coronavirus cases to 333,193 cases, including 11,505 active cases currently under treatment.
In line with that, Namariq still keeps its commitment to strictly comply with the health regulations on the local health authorities’ coronavirus pandemic containment and preventive measures during the second wave of the pandemic.
Namariq continues to put place firm security and regulatory procedures such as proper physical distancing, strict use of protective equipment such as masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers, regular temperature checks, and implementation of standardized health protocol to maintain proper hygiene.
Moreover, Namariq is equipped with self-isolation rooms and directly coordinates with the local health authorities for proper containment of suspected and infected cases.