Namariq currently operates the following three accommodation facilities located in several industrial areas in the Western region:

  • Namariq Jazan Residency (NJR) in Jazan City for Primary and Downstream Industries (JCPDI)
  • Namariq KAEC Residency (NKR) in King Abdullah Economic City
  • Namariq Yanbu Residency (NYR) in Yanbu Industrial City

We also manage a budget hotel, the Namariq Baish Hotel, in Baish, located in the Jazan region.

Accomodation Facilities & Resources

Dining Area

Retail Plaza

Recreation Center

Barber Shop

Swimming Pool

Basketball Court

Dining Areas

Indoor & Outdoor

Facilities Operation

Waste Management

Housekeeping & Janitorial

Residence Management

Coffee Shop

Volleyball Court

Football Pitch


First Aid Service

Laundry Service

Internet Service