Our CEO’s Message

Namariq is a Saudi owned company providing comprehensive services to multi-industry clients throughout KSA’s regulated areas and special economic zones. We design, build and operate accommodation facilities across the Kingdom. The idea is to provide comprehensive services to workers. When a worker feels comfortable, it is easier for them to be more productive. We also pay close attention to making our facilities efficient and to operate them in a sustainable manner, benefiting our guests and communities.

Namariq is committed to supporting Saudi Vision 2030

Namariq is committed to supporting Saudi Vision 2030, which we do in several ways, such as by hiring and training Saudi workforce, by strengthening our communities, and by operating our business in a sustainable approach for the long term. Our people are the backbone of our success, we invest in them through continual training and skills enhancement programs, so that they always provide excellent service to our clients.

Our goal is to take our experience and know-how and apply it to new areas such as the Red Sea City and NEOM City. As the Kingdom’s industrial and other sectors continue to develop and expand, we will address their needs by staying in close touch with what is most important to our clients and other stakeholders. We have developed our team over the years, we also developed lasting partnerships upon which we are able to create additional capacity for services to our clients. Finally, I would like to add that we instill in our teams a commitment to operate with integrity and transparency, and to comply with national and international standards. ­­

Hussein Hamed Fayez
Namariq Arabian Services Co. Ltd.

Who we are?

Namariq is a Saudi owned multi-industry services company. We design, build and operate safe, secure and reasonably priced (full board) workforce accommodation. Our clients operate in remote areas, primarily in Saudi Arabia’s regulated industrial cities and special economic zones. In addition to our accommodation solutions, we offer catering services to clients from different sectors.Our systems and processes are ISO certified for quality, safety, and environmental management.

Our Vision

Aspire to be the pioneer in providing best in class hospitality services and recognized as a contributor to the Kingdom’s growth.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to deliver customer centric services covering the entire value chain of hospitality to serve the core business of multi-industries through:

  • Promoting our caring and humane approach by delivering best of class services.
  • Delivering competitive services that meet multi-industries requirements.
  • Partnering with our stakeholders.
  • Operating at the highest levels of quality, safety and environmental standards.

Namariq was founded in 2012 with the aim to serve an unmet demand for safe and secure worker and staff accommodation, initially in the Jazan City for Primary and Downstream Industries (JCPDI). From the outset, we differentiated ourselves by providing quality services at reasonable prices.

Ultimately, Namariq aspires to create a feeling of community for our residents and to be a trusted partner for our clients. We want to play a role in supporting the realization of Saudi Vision 2030, with a focus on the quality of life of those who our clients have entrusted us to serve.

What we do?

Including front desk, safety,
security and environmental

The facilities we operate include dedicated response teams and client relationship staff. Each residence has a facilities management team that is responsible for all maintenance activities.

Residency Management

Covering plumbing, electrical
HVAC, carpentry
and more

As part of the commitment to providing quality hospitality services, our food safety program is ISO 22000:2005 certified. Namariq is also ISO IMS certified in quality management, environmental management, and occupational health and safety management.

Facilities Management

Including comprehensive catering, laundry and housekeeping

We offer laundry services that are efficient and timely, with a wide array of options that work best for our residents.We want to create a home away from home for our residents by offering quality meals that accommodate the various tastes and familiar cuisine options popular with various nationalities.


Our Purpose and CSR


Conducting summer trainings for students.


Supporting the development of Industrial and Economic Cities.


Implementing Health, Safety, Security and Environment “HSSE” measures in our daily practices.

Namariq is committed to protecting the environment. Policies were implemented across all lines of businesses that aims in conservation and protection of the environment.In all our projects, the following initiatives have been implemented by:
(a) Reducing waste streams
(b) Controlling and reducing water consumption
(c) Installing LED Lighting fixtures,
(d) Using STP water for irrigation and flushing
(e) Improving water and air quality conducting periodic water quality tests and cleaning of ventilation and cooling systems;
(f) Increasing plantation within the vicinity of camps and at boundaries)
(g) Enhancing tenants comfort and health (regular housekeeping, reducing usage of toxic material)

The Timeline of Namariq


Namariq is born


Namariq Baish


Namariq Jazan


Namariq Jazan
Business Center


Namariq KAEC


Namariq Yanbu

ISO Certificates